Country Fields

Country Fields

Country Fields Park

Location: Near Red Hawk Elementary in Country Fields Neighborhood of Erie, CO

Play Features: 2 Structures with slides, climbing area, monkey bars, swings, spinners pavilion

Surface: Mulch

Theme: Classic

Inclusive: No

Country Fields Park has a large playground that has two structures, one designed for big kids and one for little tikes.  They each have 3 slides, with the larger tower having 2 spiral and 1 curved slide.  There are plenty of climbing features, including monkey bars, an arch, and a dodecahedron with cutouts.  Country Fields Park has two swings for big kids and 1 for little kids.  There is a conveniently located pavilion and nearby drinking fountain.  Nearby the park are baseball and soccer fields.

Homes in the Country Fields neighborhood back to Country Fields Park and it is also near the Sunwest North, Canyon Creek, and Meadow Sweet Farm neighborhoods as well.

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